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    ~The Elven Elementals~

    Before the time of elven civilization, a great war raged across the sky. The elven kingdoms of earth, wind, fire, water, and darkness, battled through the stars each seeking the right to be the the supreme element. Time beyond knowing passed, and the elemental spirits fell in numbers uncountable. The end led to great battle, as millions of elves fought until nothing was left but shattered remains. Exhausted, the great elemental kings retreated, each to the farthest corners of the land where they built enormous fortresses. In these kingdoms, they waited patiently, re-building their forces for the next great war knowing they would have to fight once more. All was quiet and peaceful for generation to generation. Then all was again chaos as expected.

    The great elemental kings became even more powerful, yet not fully, but sent forth small groups of their minions to test the strength of their foes. After that small battle, the forests and fields, plains and rivers, mountains and seas were battered into ruin, and yet the great kings had not taken any part in the war that was now raging.

    The people fought and when they could no longer fight, they hid while the world was destroyed around them. In time an elven prince from the dark elementals, grew to adulthood, the lands that were once lush and beautiful were now becoming his. From the ruins that were his world, he watched the five elements fight eachother and he learned. From each battle he witnessed, he gathered discarded weapons and all that remained hiding them from all. The prince's knowledge grew. He took his horde of elementals, and, using hard learned words of power began a working of power never seen before. He learned to use words in a hundred tongues from old books and even fashioned a chariot that glowed with all the power of the five elements.

    The prince rode the lands, smashing the elemental armies before him. Back he pushed until the forces of each king were again confined in their kingdoms. Then he wove seals of great power to lock each of the kings in his stronghold. The ones who remained in the kindgom could not find any way to escape not even the kings but there was still a glint of hope. As each king was aware of, there were villages far off that held other elven elementals but they weren't as high in class, so they could not live inside the walls of the great kingdoms. Yet each king had asked their villages greatest warrior to train the blessed child of the village, and of course...as always...the wise old warriors would know who that child was. The elven child was expected to be born with full power of their element, and to have it running through their veins in the presence of their blood natrually. They were also expected to grow tall and strong, able to fight as a warrior in any way they wanted. Full elemental, swordsman, and archer, and etc. They were also expected to save their kingdom but as we all know...you can't just go straight to the saving...
    Ok so there is going to be 5 people in this thread, each taking the place of one elemental. We'll just see how it goes but hopefully our chatacters will somehow meet up ^_^ You never know. Theres just one rule though. Whoever joins obviously has to be an elf.

    .:Character Sheet:.
    Name: Aeris Menatokai
    Gender: Female
    Age: 22
    Appearance: http://www.animewallpapers.com/wallp...ull_18_800.asp (ignore the wings)
    Weapon: Elemental powers and back up bow&arrow
    Elemental Techniques:
    1: Dark dragon evoloution
    2: Soul consuming
    3: And basic whips that can grip people
    Biography: As the other elvens, Aeris was born in a village of elementals. Dark ones since they belonged to the dark kingdom. The 'Wise Old Elf' as people called him, knew that Aeris was the 'Chosen Child' because of the marking on the right wise of her face, so with her parent's permission, she was raised by the old elf. He taught her the basic techniques of darkness then the more complicated ones which she uses now. She finially turned 20 when the elf died so she then continued to train till she was 22.

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    I love the story-line and your sense of weeding out unwanted or rather should i say un"worthy" RPers. This is the kind of RPing that is close to what should be held as a standard for all other RPs. I would join this thread, but at the rate im going i won't be here much longer. I may start to piss off the wussy 12 yr old admins that have let our RP section go to the dumps.



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